Thursday, October 19, 2006

Voting Ford--- Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

If you ever needed proof that the political world has been turned upside down, this is it. The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee has posted a response to “blatantly false accusations” that Ford… acted like a Democrat.

To borrow a phrase from my friend Pesky Fly--- I’m shitting you negative. The DSCC, in defending a Democrat, has decided that a wise course of action is to point out just how often he breaks ranks with the Democrats.

My problem isn’t just with his voting record, although that’s deplorable enough. It’s his pathological need to undermine the Democratic Party at every turn.

The Washington Post compiled a list of sixteen key votes in the 109th Congress. Of those sixteen, Harold voted with the Republicans on eight of them. And this page was compiled before his votes on the torture bill and the wiretapping bill. Of eighteen major votes in his most recent term, he voted against us on ten of them.

Voting against us isn’t enough for him. It’s not enough that he stomps on any effort to contain the most unethical White House-Congress combo in American history. He has to sell out those who are willing to take a stand.

During the October 7th debate on WREG TV, he was asked about judicial nominees. He said that if he had been in the Senate, he would have voted for John Roberts, but not for Samuel Alito.

Yet when Democrats in the Senate discussed the idea of filibustering Alito, Harold Ford carried water for the White House, and even used their talking points. “Absent extraordinary circumstances, nominees to the Supreme Court deserve an up-or-down vote.” If those words sound familiar, they were spoken by every Republican to get in front of a camera, as well as every right wing talking head on cable news. Those same Republicans thought nothing of holding up Clinton’s judicial nominees, and Ford was in Washington for ringside seats to at least some of those festivities.

This is who he is, and this is what he does. By constantly undermining Democratic positions, he helps to vilify those Democrats who actually have principles and are willing to stand by them.

But every time I think Harold Ford Jr. has run out of ways to hurt the Democratic Party and its candidates, he comes up with something new. I’m a hard person to surprise, and he still finds a way.

A few days ago, the Memphis Flyer ran a transcript of a Harold Ford Jr. event. Harold Sr. spoke on behalf of his son--- No, not that one. Well, that’s not entirely accurate--- He talked about Harold Jr. for the first half of the speech.

“And I’m asking you: when you go to that poll, don’t vote for no Steve Cohen. You vote for Jake Ford as your next congressman..”

That was a Harold Ford Jr. event, paid for by the Harold Ford for Senate campaign. That campaign is funded by Democratic donors, some of whom were steered to it by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.

Which is funny because… The rally ended up helping a candidate that has issued baseless attack after baseless attack against the rightfully elected Democratic nominee for the Ninth District congressional seat, State Senator Steve Cohen.

It’s bad enough that we, the Democratic voters that Harold Ford Jr. has represented for the last decade are expected to blindly vote for him when he votes against us every chance he gets. But are we expected to stand idly by as he allows his campaign events to be used to attack Democrats?

We’re told that we are. In the minds of a few narrow-minded critics, control of the Senate is worth sacrificing not only the Ninth District House seat, but the long term future health of the Democratic Party.

“If you’re so unhappy, vote for him now and try to beat him in the primaries in six years,” we’re told. That strategy works SO well. Lieberman filed as an independent and is now eight points ahead of Lamont, thanks to the support he built with Republicans by voting their agenda for years. Ford’s record and Lieberman’s record look more alike than the Olsen twins. So Connecticut’s problem today looks like Tennessee’s six years from now if we listen to them.

The argument that we need the Senate this year is a specious one. It’s been a few years since I studied political science, but I’m not aware of too many bills becoming law without the House approving them.

As a result, my choice in the US Senate race is a simple one: None of the above.

I’m not voting Corker. And don’t even tell me about the Greens--- I’m not voting for some dreadlocked buffoon with a neck beard.

I’m voting for the one guy in the race that I trust to represent us in the US Senate---

No one.


bob said...

If you needed any more reason, guess who Harold says he supports for US Senator from CT?

You guessed it.

Anonymous said...

You could also write in Kurita. I think that will be very satisfying, too.

Princess D.

Freedonian said...

Yup. What else can be said there? Emperor Lieberman and Darth Harold are peas in a pod.

Princess D,
I considered that, but the truth is,m I wasn't overly fond of her voting record either. I think that because we've been stuck with Harold, we all tend to overromanticize Kurita and pretend that she stood somewhere to the left of him. Her rhetoric certainly did, but her voting record didn't really match it.

I'll write myself in first. In fact, that may be my advice to everyone--- Write in your own name.

TennMom said...

As a lifelong Tennessee Democrat, I understand your frustration. I'm not thrilled with Ford's votes during this latest session but, throwing away your vote in a race this close is no solution. Yes, Ford voted with the Republicans half the time on key votes. Rest assured that Corker will vote 100% of the time for whatever Bush wants. I'll settle for 50% anti-Bush over 100% pro-Bush any day. Corker must not be elected if we are to loosen Bush's grip on Iraq and on our own freedoms. Every Democrat who refuses to vote in this race is helping Bob Corker. Now that is something to think about.

Anonymous said...

All hail Congressman Ford