Monday, November 06, 2006

In My District There Is Problem... (Sorry, Borat)

In the Ninth District, we saw what was probably the single most absurd excuse for a primary that I've ever seen. Half of the candidates in that miserably weak field could have their entire platforms summed up by Borat's "Throw the Jew Down the Well".

But that was only the appetizer. Nothing could have prepared me for the Ford Crime Family.

We have a rare opportunity to vanquish them tomorrow. Shuffle them loose this political coil, if you will. And despite being a hardcore Democrat--- Or perhaps more accurately, because I'm a hardcore Democrat, I stand prepared to dance a two-step (Or maybe a Tennessee Waltz) on their political graves.

I tolerated Harold Ford's rightwing voting record. I would dispute the notion that a clear stand against torture is some radical leftwing notion, as is the idea that I should be able to order a pizza without the NSA knowing which toppings I like (Double pepperoni, to save all interested parties the trouble).

But it's his congenital urge to attack my beliefs and the candidates that I back that I simply can no longer abide.

Steve Cohen's campaign had a rally planned for weeks. Most members of Bloggers' Row announced it somewhere on their sites.

Cohen's campaign has this funny little habit--- They like to do the right thing because it's the right thing. So they ignored the fact that Harold Ford Jr. is a feckless worm that lacks the testicular fortitude to support his own party--- They said "He's a Democrat. So are we. We want his signs at our rally to support the ticket."

Not only were they not given signs--- They were told to leave Harold Ford Jr's headquarters. A headquarters that is not funded out of the deep Ford pockets (Isn't it amusing that they're trying to dog Corker for being rich?), but by Democratic donors that fork over their hard earned money in an attempt to gain back Congress.

Did you see the massive amounts of media coverage of the Cohen rally this weekend? I guess not. See, Harold Ford actually had nothing new to say, but decided to book an impromptu press conference for the same time.

He attacks our candidates. And he attacks our values. And not just in the cause of getting GED Jake elected--- But he's apparently decided that the only way to make himself sound better is to make every Democrat sound bad.

"I get jumped on by my party a little bit because I go to church a lot and I love Jesus." As opposed to the rest of us, who are clearly heathens in the eyes of Harold Ford and his GOP buddies.

"[I get] in trouble with my party because I believe a government is only as good as its ability to defend itself and protect itself." Nice talking point--- If you're a Republican trying to cover for the whole "WMD" fiasco.

I cannot urge people strongly enough--- This has to end. How much are we supposed to tolerate?

If we elected him to the US Senate, how many seats would we end up losing because of his Democrat-bashing addiction? Are we supposed to stand idly by as he sells out the leaders that actually represent our principles by joining with the right and marginalizing them?

I implore the voters of this state--- Vote for yourself. Vote for Ronald McDonald. Vote for a mangy, three-legged cocker spaniel named Colin for all I care.

Corker doesn't deserve your vote. Neither does Ford. And I'll be damned if I'll recommend some stoner with a neckbeard just because the other two are so pathetic.

I would leave the damn chair empty before sending any of those three buffoons to fill it.

Throw the Fords down the well...
So my district can be free...


Brassmask said...

Other than the ridiculous remarks concerning "neckbeards", I'd have to agree wholeheartedly with everything that you've said.

Pam said...

"Throw the Fords down the well...
So my district can be free..."

That should have been this electoral season's theme song...

Anonymous said...

Vote Ford for Senate.

It'll get him out of Memphis. If not, he'll be back for Mayor or the 9th District.

Pam said...

Mayor? HA!!

Not in this lifetime...

Unlisted said...

I'm with you. I did not early vote (as I usually would) because I have been so offended by HFJ in this campaign that I held back. I can not in good conscious vote for that man.

However, I have the strange feeling (FEAR?) that both he and Jake will come out victorious tomorrow and Memphis will continue to be the Ford fiefdom.

Here's hoping for an end to Ford rule

Jim Maynard said...

Amen brother, preach on!

(Oh, I forgot that I am a godless heathen according to Harold Ford Jr. and the "theocons"--theocratic conservatives)

Nothing could be worse than HFJ in the Senate representing "Democrats"

Blinders Off said...

Great post Freedonian, this was my first time witnessing the Ford machine. My family and friends waited to the final week of early voting, hoping for a good reason to promote HFJ for the sake of Democrat control in the senate and history. We debated, listened and read everything regarding this race and in the end the decision was made, if HFJ win it was not going to be with our vote.

Jim, I cannot wait to see how many votes Chris Lugo took away from Ford and Corker.

Blinders Off said...
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Glen Wellington said...

Just curious - if the Dems miss out on taking over the Senate by one seat...will it be worth it?

I am not a fan of Ford, trust me, but I don't know if I would be willing to screw the nation without the courtesy of a reach around over him

Freedonian said...


It was something I had thought about quite often, and I came to the conclusion that yes--- Yes it would have been. We never would have been able to run the play we were advised to--- Vote for him and try to take him down during the primary six years from now. The Lieberman play is a hard one to run, and I have no doubt it would have ended up much the same way.

By the time the smoke clears, we will have our majority without the bastard--- And we're all better for it.