Monday, November 20, 2006

See What You Miss If You Don't Use MySpace?

Sick, sick bastards.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if the Vikings used to encourage youthful non-deadly combat to strengthen their males for combat with other tribes.

I don't approve of what I saw them all doing, but I'm not as quick as you seem to be to condemn other people as "sick."

autoegocrat said...

Speaking of Myspace, you ought to have a pending friend request waiting on you, Freed. Whassup, we ain't friends?

autoegocrat said...

What's up, 'Mute? You wake up in a bad mood today?

Freedonian said...

I like to think the world has evolved somewhat since the days when people thought thunder meant Thor was having a bad day.

Lots of things were acceptable back then that aren't today. And in a day and age when the rest of us are trying to keep kids off of the streets, someone having them fight each other to toughen them up for the streets will always be someone I think of as sick.

I truly had no idea. I haven't logged in for many, many months now. We are friends, but I really grew to loathe MySpace.