Wednesday, November 08, 2006


First, I would like to thank Harold Ford. His arrogance in leaving the safest Democratic seat in the nation to chase after a Senate seat that only he thought he had much of a crack at (Were Bob Corker not a blundering idiot, this race wouldn't have been close) opened the door for us to send Steve Cohen to Capitol Hill.

Thank you Steve Cohen, for giving the people of this district someone great to vote for. The Ninth District has someone it can be proud of--- Something we haven't had since Harold Ford Sr.

Thank you, Jake Ford--- Your sheer stupidity made this race more interesting than it should have been.

Thank you to people that I am proud to call my friends--- The Memphis bloggers. I swear to God, I know of no area that has its poop in a group like the local blogosphere here--- This is the Murderers' Row of blogospheres. I'm proud that Pam and I have been admitted to the club. Pesky Fly, Autoegocrat, Kibitzer, Jeff, Christian Progressive Liberal, Leftwing Cracker, David Holt, Polar Donkey, Brad Watkins, Nutmeg, Desi Franklin, Wintermute, Memphis Blue, Space Ninja, Joe Ford Jr., Brassmask, Jim Maynard, Bob, Sarah, and of course, my lovely blogging partner Pam--- What a team.

And a big thank you to some other friends of mine--- Kevin Gallagher, Liz Rincon, Dabney, Savannah, Daniel, William, Fabulous William, Jeremy, Crystal, Brittany, and the rest of Team Cohen for working their asses off to give us a big victory last night.


autoegocrat said...

"The Murderers' Row of blogospheres?" Oooh... I like that.

autoegocrat said...

You left out Thaddeus!

Desi Franklin said...

Please, let's just leave him out of this. The less said about him the better for his little grandiosity problem.

Freedonian said...

I'm glad you like it... I've never seen a group of independent bloggers work together and maintain solid friendships the way this one has.

And it's not so much that I left Thad out--- I probably should have found some way to acknowledge him, but I was more interested in naming the bloggers that stick together. Not to say we walk in lockstep, but we work together.

Blinders Off said...

Freedonian you definitely know how to give credit where credit is due. As a reader of "The Murderers' Row", you all did a damn good job working together. You all knew how to agree to disagree without any bloodshed.

It has been more enjoyable linking to each of your sites for political insight in Memphis and in Washington.

I have a question for anyone from The Flypaper Theory who read this post…will there be a political Fucktard of the year poll in December.