Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Make Sure You Clip This Coupon In Sunday's Paper

Whoever knew that bribing public officials could be as easy and cost effective as it is?

Right-wing lobbyists have to pay HUGE bucks for this kind of service. And you have the opportunity to influence law for what amounts to beer and pizza money.

People who actually lobby for legislation have to be feeling a little silly right now. I mean--- How long ago would the Living Wage have passed if every member of the coalition ponied up $20?

If you're wondering how I can be so flippant about this, it's really very simple--- I'm hardly even surprised.

I love being a Democrat, and I'm damn proud to hold to the ideals that the party claims to stand for.

But I'm damn angry that the electronic ankle bracelet is becoming something of a fashion accessory among the officials on a local level.

And it's not even that our officials are getting "offers they can't refuse". They sell us out, and they sell us out dirt cheap.

There are a lot of good public officials. A lot of true leaders. I'm hoping they'll help us bounce the rest of these bozos out of public life.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, this little database project I've got going on my votinginmemphis.com site will churn some more stuff out. You might want to take a look and see if you gave some money to someone!

I'm almost willing to bet the end result of putting this out there will be indictments. Any takers?

Freedonian said...


Derek told me a little about it last night, and it sounds great. Sorry it took me so long to respond--- I've been moving, and it put me out of the loop for a couple of days.

I just saw something that made me laugh out loud--- I tracked a backlink someone made off of this post... This coupon is now linked on a site devoted to pointing out real coupons.

So right there next to the coupons for 75 cents off of a tube of Crest... Is a buy one get one free deal for our elected officials.

Gotta love it.

Dabney said...

Freed - shoot me an email. I need to ask you something, and the email address I just tried to send it to rejected it.