Tuesday, January 09, 2007

But Gee, I Thought Kurita Was Liberals' Last Hope...

During the US Senate primary last year, all I kept hearing was how Rosalind Kurita was supposed to be so much more liberal than Harold Ford, and that she was someone we could trust to vote the Democratic agenda.

I disagreed. I thought her voting record was just as far to the right as his was (Although her rhetoric didn't seem to really match it all that well--- Tuxedo votes with white socks rhetoric). She certainly didn't have the chequered family history Ford had, but her father is a Bush Pioneer, and if I had to tell you which of those made me more uncomfortable, I would have to mull it over for a while and get back to you.

I hate it when I set my expectations that low and I'm proven right.

The office of the Lieutenant Governor is now in Republican hands. And Rosalind Kurita helped put it there.

Thanks for nothing, Ros.


LeftWingCracker said...

My friend, you KNOW that I cannot allow this to go unchallenged.

since 1987, the Senate has not been in Republican OR Democratic hands, it has been in WILDER's hands. That meant from 1987-2003, when there were more Democrats than Republicans, that half the chairmanships in the Senate belonged to the Republicans, so Wilder could remain Speaker.

Since we weren't strong enough to throw out Wilder, we were stuck with him. And, so too, were the Republicans, until today.

Yes, I am glad Flinn voted for Wilder, but it would have been better if wilder had stood down for Joe Haynes last week.

We now have to go win at least TWO Senate seats from the Goopers over the next two elections to ensure we have control of redistricting, but we needed to do that ANYWAY.

It's time to let go and REBUILD, so that we have Democratic Senators in Nashville who will vote the progressive line and take progressive stands and not stands in favor of money and power.

What Ros did was stunning, but it showed more guts than anyone has shown in Nashville since I've been involved in politics here, which is 1976.

Memphis Woman said...

LeftWingCracker is absolutely correct. The Dems may not realize it now, but Sen. Kurita did them a huge favor. Wilder had to go and, unfortunately, he wouldn't exit gracefully. Sen. Ramsey may not be as bad as everyone assumes. I happen to think divided government is a good thing. And our governor is more like a Republican anyway, so let's hope the Repubs will address some important issues while they can. We need to be electing the Secretary of State, state treasurer, and lieutenant governor as most other states do. Sen. Kurita has been pushing this for quite some time with no help from Wilder.

He had stayed far too long and done too much damage. It was a plantation mentality in there with him as the master overseeing everything. I have heard good things about Sen. Ramsey's honesty and character even though I probably disagree with him on most issues.

Remember: even a stopped clock is right twice a day. This is not the end of the world. It's an opportunity. The Dems should capitalize on it now that Wilder is no longer in leadership.

Freedonian said...

As much as I genuinely like and respect Mr. Cracker, no--- He's wrong on this one.

This is not about Wilder. Frankly, I don't give a damn about him as an individual.

But I'm quite fond of my party being able to chair committees. We had a few of them when Ros Kurita went into caucus with the rest of the Democratic state senators and voted with them to support Wilder. Those chairs aren't so certain now, are they?

We now rely on whatever crumbs drop from the Republican table. That's not a good spot for us to be in. And we would all do well to remember those who helped put us here.

dk2 said...

I have to agree with Leftwingcracker on this. Kurita is trail blazing as far as I am concerned. As far as her family ties to the Republicans, I don't see where it really matters. Most of the politicians have taken this state in the direction of everything republican for to long and you say we had a Democratic Lt. Gov.! I think everything was blended and you couldn't tell a Republican going out the door or a Democrat coming in the door.

What isn't done to benefit the business owners in this state? Tax incentives, or no tax and lets not forget Gov. Bredesens fast track for business, and everything he gives away to them, we the people make up in taxes or the loss of other services.

It is time for a new wave in TN and let the real Democrats lead the way. This time let the D behind the name mean something real for the people!

Shimmy said...

It's time for the Republicans to start eating wet food from a dish on the floor, just like Tom Daschle used to do.