Friday, January 26, 2007

District 30 Wrapup

The voters spoke yesterday, and in much greater numbers than I anticipated based on the poor early voting numbers. And as my good friend in Crackerville was the first to point out, Beverly Marrero won a resounding landslide victory over Robert Spence, who has proven yet again that you can’t simply spend your way into victory.

In a world where a dullard president can squeak by on 2% and call it a mandate (As opposed to the thing he usually calls a “man date”), the 3 to 1 margin of victory of Marrero over longtime Herentonian Spence is nothing short of astounding.

The last time Spence ran for public office, he managed to spend over $100,000 on a school board race (Yes, you read that right--- School board race) and still only managed a humiliating third place.

I haven’t seen current numbers, so I’m not certain what he spent this time around. But buying an ad on every bus stop in the city couldn’t have been cheap, and the brochures littering the floor at Huey’s the other night certainly didn’t appear to have been done on the cheap.

So to all the well-heeled donors that donated to Spence once again in this campaign cycle, I implore you--- There are better ways to spend the money that simply must have been burning holes in your pockets. I can name dozens of worthwhile charities if need be. Even stimulating the economy with a shopping spree would be a preferable alternative to trying to help the mayor make his handpicked successor look electable.

Money simply isn’t enough to get into office anymore. A well funded campaign with nothing behind it is like an ad campaign without a product to sell.

In the last year, the voters have done a great job of rejecting candidates that didn’t stand for anything. The Republicans are on their heels, and the Republican Lite wing of the Democratic Party is in shambles (With the exception of Rosalind Kurita, who seems to be thriving in the Ron Ramsey Senate). In Spence, the voters looked and saw not only a Herenton henchman, but they saw everything that they’ve rejected for the last year.

And they rejected it by over a three to one margin yesterday.

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