Friday, January 26, 2007

Well, You Told Me To Write Whatever I Wanted.

Sometimes, there’s a guy at the party so drunk that he doesn’t know he’s pissed his own pants. Obliviously, he continues dancing, never noticing that everyone near him covers his or her own nose and laughs.

Usually, there are a few kind people in any crowd that will try to gently pull him to the side and say “Man, go home, shower, and change your pants”. They’re never greeted very well by the urine-soaked fellow dancing the night away, and they usually end up looking at each other, shrugging, and saying “Well, we tried”.

When Thaddeus Matthews first advanced the tinfoil hat theory that Kevin Gallagher was running some kind of a stealth campaign to try to get himself elected to the Tennessee State Senate despite having publicly withdrawn, I suspect that most people knew it was total horseshit. Autoegocrat, Brassmask, and I all showed up to try to convince Thad that he was wrong about all this.

How did he take it? He popped off at Autoegocrat, then at me. Notably, he ignored Brassmask, who told him about the mailer Gallagher sent out saying “Don’t vote for me”. His words to me were “Freedonian, I don’t give a fuck what you think period” and “I have no reason to think that you’re telling me anything straight”.

Here’s your reason: I’m a pretty smart guy. I tend to pay attention to what’s going on around me. When a friend of mine is running a campaign, I generally notice--- Particularly when it’s someone that campaigns as damn hard as Kevin does.

I wish there had been something to what you said--- When he first got into this race, I was looking forward to getting to vote for him. I’m pleased with the Marrero victory, but I’ll make no bones about it--- She wasn’t my first choice. I know enough people that agree with me on that that it doesn’t entirely surprise me that a handful of people kept their Gallagher yard signs up. He still got almost 90 votes--- Not a bad showing for a guy that dropped out of the race almost a month ago. Had it not been for the “please don’t vote for me” mailer, he might have even beaten Robert Spence.

But he didn’t. He didn’t try. He quit trying to win when he said he did.

So in the future, when people are trying to keep you from humiliating yourself, please do yourself a favor and listen. I’m not entirely sure how much you care about these kinds of things, but you were smearing someone yesterday that had done nothing to deserve it. And yes, I wanted the true story to be told. I’m real funny that way.

Last night, I was celebrating Beverly Marrero’s victory--- With Kevin Gallagher. So if this half baked theory is to be believed, then he maintained such a good cover that even in defeat, he was celebrating. Impressive, huh? The KGB in its prime never did so well. He certainly seemed overjoyed with the Marrero victory.

Now, as far as your “whore” allegations go--- Who’s the bigger whore? The guy that dropped out and helped another candidate like he said he would, or the guy who railed against the mayor for ages, then made a last minute attempt to throw an election to an unelectable Herentonian flunkie?


Dabney said...

But Rick, you are missing the stealthness of Kevin's campaign. It was so secretive, that not only did we, his close friends, not know about it, but Kevin himself did not know about it. That is a secret campaign my friend. I also kept my yard sign up until it dissintegrated in the rain, which means that Kevin needs to get better yard signs.

Freedonian said...

Yes, Kevin--- Please get Harry Diamond to use better stock this time (I know Harry, so I don't mind ribbing him a little bit).

Who was involved? Maybe the signs came to life and did it on their own.

Thaddeus Augustus Matthews said...

I don't normally comment on other blogs as some do since i have my on site. But since you used my name in your article i thought i would. First of all Gallagher is your friend not mine so i owe him nothing.

Gallagher needs to know that if he runs for marrero seat that there is already planned an all out assault planed for his campaign. I have the right to my views as you do on your site. i would not come to your site and tell you what you need to think or say. So do the same for me.

And by the way as much as I respect Steve Cohen he needs to stay out of Gallagher politics or his term in office won't be long. he angered many of the ones who got him to the dance with his endorsement of Marrero. Take it for what its worth Steve needs to deal with the whole of the 9th congressional district or he will lose and lose big in two years. I'm sorry to impose on your site I promise it will not happen again.

Freedonian said...


First of all, it's no imposition at all. People are welcome to disagree with me any time. It's all about the free and open exchange of ideas. If you came here and called me an asshole, you would be far from the first to do so. I view the comments section as a place for people who disagree with me to state their case, and for those who agree with me to state theirs.

And none of us were trying to tell you what to think or write--- I was just telling you it was wrong. Were there such a plan in place, I would have been a proud member of such a cabal. Instead, I cast my vote for Beverly Marrero at the urging of my friend Kevin Gallagher.

Stop in anytime, Thaddeus.