Thursday, February 15, 2007

Comedy Ain't Easy.

Really. I assure you. The best practitioners make it look easy, but it's really so very not.

Tiger Woods makes golf look easy. But as I prove when I get the clubs out of the closet and rack up a score on the front nine that rivals the national debt, I'm reminded how terribly not easy it is.

This guy makes playing guitar look easy. But I assure you, even getting close to playing the solo from "Under a Glass Moon" will result in hand cramps that last for days.

Apparently, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert make comedy look so easy that Joel Turnow, producer of "24", has decided to try his hand at it.

And you know what? "24" is funnier.

In fact, the humor falls so flat that I can easily imagine Jack Bauer forcing someone to watch it as part of a torture scene.

Bauer: Tell us where the bomb is!"
Terrorist: Never! I'll never tell you anything! Die, you American pig!
Bauer: We have ways of making you talk. (Hits "play" on the remote control)
Terrorist: Stop! Stop! NOOOOO!!! Okay, the bomb is in Rush Limbaugh's stash box!
Bauer: Impossible. He never goes long enough without opening for you to plant it there.
Terrorist: I swear it! It's all the way down in the bottom! Just please turn off that infernal video!!!

I don't even want to embed video of it here--- It's THAT bad. And it's not that they're conservative--- It's just that they suck that bad.

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher--- They may all be liberal. But that's not what makes them funny. What makes them funny is that they're firing off shots at all targets. It's not completely driven by ideology. They'll make fun of Hillary Clinton just as easily as they make fun of George W. Bush.

I can understand thinking that the humor is ideologically driven--- Like it or not, Republicans do a lot of dumb things. The president has a way with words that only Yogi Berra could love, and the party as a whole is trying to put across the idea that a cloture vote is "stifling debate". It's hard to even talk about what's happening without it coming across like a joke. I told a friend of mine about Campfield's bill the other day, and he looked at me like he was waiting for a punchline.

But there's a narrower focus to the "Half Hour Comedy Hour. The jokes are about pushing an agenda.

To quote the Jedi Master Yoda, "And that... is why you fail."

I don't even want to embed videos of this, it's so bad. Instead, I'll link to Brittney Gilbert over at Nashville Is Talking and Adam Kleinheider over at Volunteer Voters. You can see--- One thing in this world that is truly bipartisan is the consensus that this show sucks.

And yes--- I know my friend Pesky Fly talked about it too. But the way I see it, the vast scope of this show's abject suckiness is too big to be contained in just one post.

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