Monday, February 12, 2007


The Dixie Chicks managed to win the Album of the Year Grammy last night, despite most Grammy voters having functioning hearing. It was most likely the backlash against the backlash for singer Natalie Maines speaking out against the war.

The tide has turned. Now that the majority of the American public feels as Maines did four years ago, the Grammy feels like a long overdue apology.

Another that she deserves, but will most likely never get, is from Toby Keith. Despite the recent revelation that he opposed the war along, he was all too happy to kick Maines when she was down in order to advance his own career. He triangulated his position and decided that standing by a fellow singer was nowhere near as lucrative as selling himself as Mr. "I love America so much that even when it's wrong, I'll pretend it's not.

He even went so far as to show this image at his concerts.

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Grammy voters sent a message last night. And that message was "FUTK".

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Anonymous said...

Guess what, asshole, TK made his song way before the invasion of Iraq. Maines hurled the insults first. What does he owe her an apology for? Jack shit.

Maybe if you weren't a piece of shit, you'd tell him FU to his face. But we all know you don't have the courage. Eat shit. Die.