Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Golden Bushie Award For Accomplishments in Assclownism...

... goes to Representative Stacey Campfield, whose recent efforts could very well earn him the right to have this award renamed in his (dubious) honor.

He laments the return of the term "baby killer" into the American lexicon while conveniently sidestepping of the fact that it's the rightwing, anti-choice dragoons that have brought it back (Anyone heard it used in any other capacity lately?).

And of course, as documented here, he recently tried to put over the myth that Partial birth abortion is legal in Tennessee, despite the passage of the federal Partial Birth Abortion Act of 2003, which actually made it illegal in all 50 states [Note: At the same time, he made me feel wholly justified in my blog post about it by feeling the need to remove my much nicer comment from his blog]

But now, he has descended into not just right wing dogma--- But right wing dogma that no one with sentient brain activity can actually buy into.

Is the left so invested in failure that they will do any thing or say any thing to demean the president or our troops? Will they take glory in every misstep? Every Death? It is beginning to appear so.

First, I wouldn't exactly define attempts to prevent future American deaths sacrificed in a cause that helps this country in no way as taking "glory". Personally, I'm pissed off about every one of those deaths. Had any of the president's supporters used any deductive reasoning whatsoever, the most dangerous thing our soldiers would be facing (Outside of Afghanistan, anyway) would be undercooked food at the mess hall. For while a soldier must be prepared to sacrifice his life, we have a responsibility to never throw it away on WMD snipe hunts.

What is this glory and who really revels in it? Is it "the left", as you seem to label all but the persistently vegetative rightwingers that want to keep throwing American lives down the drain? Or is it Mr. "I'm a war president"?

This nation has been failed. Honest and sober assessments regarding war strategy have been met by simpleminded dogma such as "I'm the decider". The counsel of the Iraq Survey Group has been met with--- Well, not much of anything.

So no--- I will not hide my loathing for a president that thinks the best thing to do about the American lives he's already thrown away is to throw away more. It's not hard to find the "alternative plan" you asked about. There are many out there, and a more logical one could be devised by asking questions of a Magic Eight Ball.

So you, for your lack of legal knowledge, your abortion hackery, and your mindless repetition of talking points that still don't make sense even when smarter people than you try to advance them, are the winner of the Golden Bushie.

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