Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Golden Campy Award Goes To...

... who else?

The namesake of this award, Stacey Campfield (Who earned such an honor by outdumbing The Decider) is the best person to break this award in.

Not for his spirited defense of Terry Frank, although it certainly is deserving. Nor is it for his wish to give a death certificate to every aborted fetus.

No, he wins it for the Wife Beater Protection Act. In Campy's Perfect World, if someone files for an order of protection and the order is denied, the person who filed the petition should be responsible for the legal bills of the person they filed against.

This could be devastating to women of limited resources whose abusive husbands have the means to hire good attorneys.

Campfield is pushing for that as part of a legislative agenda that reduces the court system to a gambling parlor. To file anything in court, you would need to be prepared to pay the other party's legal fees if you lose--- Something that would kill any litigation against a corporation for product liability, harassment, or workplace injury unless the case was so tight that there was no way to lose--- And when a David files against a corporate Goliath, there's always a way to lose.
(Hat tip to R. Neal at Knox Views. I got "Wife Beater Protection Act" from the lady that emailed me a link to the bill last night. Turns out she got it here. )

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