Saturday, February 24, 2007

The New Republican

The New Republican has been sold. I'm sure this isn't new knowledge--- It's been reported everywhere. Except, of course, The New Republican.

Peter Beinart uses his last editorial at the magazine to do what he's been doing for years--- Trying to play it both ways regarding the war in Iraq.

A couple of years ago, TNR ran the landmark "We Were Wrong" issue which, despite the cover, was short on mea culpa and long on excuses. Instead of the John Edwards-type confessional we were led to expect, we were treated to a Hillary Clinton-esque hodgepodge of excuses, all of which sidestepped the issue of TNR's refusal to question the drivel we were hearing out of Washington.

While the White House was banging war drums, TNR was singing harmony vocals. Perhaps new editor Frankin Foer will be at least a little more discriminating than Beinart was.

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