Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This Weeks Ivins Award Goes To...

Every week, we here at The Freedonian will present the Molly Ivins Award for excellence in verbal wit.

This week's winner is Representative Gary Ackerman (D-NY). During a recent hearing, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was bemoaning the shortage of Arabic, Farsi, Pashtun, and Urdu translators. The military, of course, felt like it had such an embarrassment of riches in the translation department that they could expel 37 Arabic language translators for being gay.

And so Congressman Ackerman came up with this Ivins Award-winning quip:

For some reason, the military seems more afraid of gay people than they are the terrorists. They’re very brave with the terrorists, and if the terrorists ever got a hold of this information, they'd get a platoon of lesbians to chase us out of Baghdad.”

Congressman, this blessed award, named in honor of one of the greatest friends and practitioners that free speech has ever had, goes to you.

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