Friday, February 23, 2007


My father loved the old TV show "Married With Children". There was an old episode of the show where Al and Peggy Bundy went to a hotel that their neighbors Marcy and Steve used in an effort to"spice up" the old marriage. After having sex, they popped in the complimentary porn video the hotel managers gave them as they signed in, and saw that it was Steve and Marcy. Unwittingly, every person that stayed there had been videotaped in their rooms. Both couples sued the hotel. Steve and Marcy got damages, but Al and Peggy got nothing--- The sex act was so brief that no one could verify that it actually happened.

So... Does Vilsack's candidacy even count as a campaign? Or just an idea?

Update: I should have looked before I posted. Brother Cracker got there a little bit ahead of me. Despite his kindness in the comments here, his is better.


LeftWingCracker said...

OK, first, you trump my Vilsack post (this was hilarious), now your site looks great.

Email me with what you did...

Freedonian said...

Thanks, bro--- On both parts.

The redesign was overdue, I think... It was actually just tweaking the standard templates Blogger gives you--- But now that you can change colors, fonts, etc, it works much better.

Finally... An upside to the new Blogger!

autoegocrat said...

The redesign looks GREAT. I like the slogan at the top, too.

Freedonian said...

Thanks, brother! Let's hope it's more functional too.

Blinders Off said...

I like the new look and the words are bigger. I wish I knew how to redo my template to make my words bigger. If you have any suggestions please share?

Freedonian said...

Thank you, Blinders!

Okay, I'll go ahead and write it up. One of the only good things about the new version of Blogger is that it gives you fairly easy point and click control over your template-- At least if you're using a stock Blogger template, and it looks like both of yours are.

The first thing I would advise anyone to do is create another blog and do a test post. It gives you a place to play around with the new features without changing your real blog every few minutes--- There will be a lot of trial and error.

The template I used to make this one is "Jellyfish", which looks pretty craptacular with no enhancements.

Once you've chosen one (And it's much more painless than it used to be--- No more republishing your archives, etc), save your changes. You'll have another tab that says "fonts and colors". The page you come to when you click on it has a custom control for every element on the page, from banner color to different text color choices for every element on the page.

When you click "text font", you'll be allowed to pick a new font, etc. The same set of controls will allow you to make your text smaller or larger. The template I was working with had fairly big print already, so I didn't even change that.

If you have any other questions, hit me at , and I can walk you through it.

Freedonian said...

Oh--- One other cool thing is that you can add page elements using another one of those tabs. I used it to add the picture of the Groucho glasses, an RSS feed for the Memphis Flyer, the Buzzflash RSS, and a cool feature called AnswerTips that allows you to double click any word on the page and see a definition of it or encyclopedia entry for it, whichever is appropriate. You find a widget you want to add on and copy the code. Click on "Add new element", then click "HTML or Java script" and paste it into the window. It works like a champ.

Blinders Off said...

Thank You

Freedonian said...

My pleasure, Blinders.