Thursday, March 01, 2007

Because I Place A Premium On Civility...

Thanks to Brittney over at Nashville Is Talking, I've seen the light.

Bill Hobbs, who definitely has the best interest of all liberals at heart (And yes, tongue is so firmly in cheek that I think I might actually have pulled something) has advised us that people are more likely to listen to our arguments if we don't write like "potty-mouthed kids".

Of course, the problem with that theory is that it lets off the hook anyone who doles out vicious insults without actually using one of Carlin's Seven Words.

Acceptable, in the world of Bill Hobbs: "The president is one chromosome shy of dropping to all fours and sniffing hiney".
Unacceptable: "He's a dumbass".

Acceptable: "If Rick Santorum's parents divorce, are they still brother and sister?"
Unacceptable: "Fucking inbred."

Acceptable: "They should have thrown Dick Cheney away and christened the placenta."
Unacceptable: "What an asshole."

Acceptable: "Stacey Campfield could be outsmarted by things that need to be watered."
Unacceptable: "Shithead."

Now, I looked it up in Freedonian's Rules of Order, and I find it perfectly acceptable to blend the two approaches. I certainly prefer the Hobbsian approach. I generally will say "I'm a cranial rectitis sufferer" instead of "I had my head up my ass when I said that." But I also have a tendency to say things like "When the president said that, everyone looked at him like he pulled his dick out in church".

But I happen to believe that sometimes, the best word also happens to be the dirtiest. See "Fucktard of the Week" at The Flypaper Theory for an example.


newscoma said...

Okay, this is funny. You know I tried to think if I was a potty-mouthed liberal, realized I really wasn't (although I do love the word fucktard but I haven't put that on Chez Coma.)
You made me laugh with this post.
Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. I personally think Ann Coulter acts ugly and I've never heard her swear.

Freedonian said...

You made me laugh with this post.

Thank you. Exactly what I was shooting for.

I used to run a political debate board--- Liberals were not the most vicious people there by a longshot.

It did teach me one important thing--- There are no Republicans in the world. All conservatives refer to themselves as Libertarians, even if they side with the Republicans every single time that the two parties disagree. Can you imagine a Libertarian siding with the Bush Administration on wiretaps? Neither can I...

Newscoma said...

I used to have two trolls back when I started that called themselves conservative who would be so mean to other people who commented on the blog.
When I finally said something about one could make their point without personal attacks, I received a scathing treatment from them on their blogs (and several private e-mails) about how I promoted censorship with a few choice words that Carlin loves about what a bitch I was but then threatened to out my identity.
Ummm ... I tell people who I am. But it was a threat to "get" me.
Man, I was called everything but a person and that I was a dirty fucking hippie.
The amount of anger and hate was amazing.
Their blogs are gone now (who knows what happened to them) but telling battered women they deserved to be beaten was worse than any curse word they could have thrown out.

Freedonian said...

"Deserve to be beaten"??? Christ... I bet they love Campfield.

The worst I ever got was right after my Dad died. I took a couple of weeks off. Within a week of my going back, one of my conservatives chose to insult me by insulting him. In truth, Hobbs wouldn't have liked that guy any more than he likes me--- That guy was much more "potty-mouthed" than I was. He got so touchy about the fact that I could effortlessly prove "Bush lied" that he decided to make me, my girlfriend, and relatives both living and otherwise the subject instead.