Friday, March 23, 2007

Draft David Holt!

So I was talking to a few friends last night, and we were discussing good people to get the interim appointment to fill the District 89 seat recently vacated by Beverly Marrero now that she's a state senator.

The Shelby County Commission chose wisely to pick someone that wasn't going to be running for the office when they had to appoint someone to fill Steve Cohen's seat until a special election could be held. Shea Flinn represented District 30 so well that it was really a shame to see him go.

They should do it again. Kevin Gallagher and John Farmer will be running for the seat in the special election. So who can best serve District 89 in the interim?

It's my honor to recommend not only who I consider to be the best man for the job--- But THE man for the job. My good friend David Holt.

He's a fellow blogger, so it's not difficult to find out what this man is about. You can read his words. He's the sitting Vice Chairman of the Shelby County Democratic Party and sits on enough committees that I could probably do two posts naming them.

Furthermore, whether you agree with him or disagree with him, you can count on his unerring honesty and his strong sense of ethics.

If this man announced his presidential candidacy tomorrow, I would be out pushing for a change in the law allowing a guy his age to serve. And when he graduates law school in two years, there will be no stopping him.

District 89 will be incredibly well served by my friend, my brother, David Holt.
UPDATE: A photo has been added at the request of Tom Guleff. It's a little out of date, and perhaps the first campaign promise for him to deliver on is getting me an updated photo like he said he would this weekend.
I think we'll all agree that he would do better if we just used a photo of his lovely wife.


Sean Braisted said...

It'll be great to have David up here in Nashville...and it would be great if Shea Flinn could come back up here as well.

Tom Guleff said...

Can you put up a mug shot of those who don't know David Holt? Thanks. I am making a scrap book.

Freedonian said...

Sean, those two would be a dream team in my book.

Tom, I've got a photo up, but he's telling me he'll send me a more recent one.

autoegocrat said...

David is impeccably scrupulous, is right on the issues, and would make a great interim appointment. Law school prevents him from running a campaign, so there is no fear that he will run for the seat as an incumbent.

Tom Guleff said...

Thanks. Great response time. Maybe you should run for public office...

Freedonian said...

Maybe someday, Tom. But realistically, I'm probably better off not being "the guy", but "the guy that the guy depends on".

Besides, you really don't want to give a guy like me unlimited access to the interns. :)

But if you ever run again, count me in.