Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Few. The Proud. The Oh Dear God...

The military ain't what it used to be.

Recruiters are desperate. They're granting record numbers of "moral waivers" to felons, placing automatic weapons in the hands of people that can't buy a handgun at home. As mauch as 20% of last year's recruiting class was there on some form of waiver.
Aryan Nation graffiti has been appearing in Iraq for months, and the military is resisting all external pressure to enforce its own "zero tolerance" policy for screening out members with known racist organization ties.

There's even been gang graffiti spraypainted onto military building and equipment, and gang members are picking up weapons in Iraq and sending them home.

There have been several well known recruiting scandals. Recruiters have been caught encouraging potential enlistees to create fake high school diplomas and teaching them how to cheat on drug tests.

"Integrity. Honor. Respect." Indeed.

Now, what would you think we would get in return for relaxing standards? There are 43 brigades in the United States military. Of the twenty brigades not currently serving in Iraq, how many are actually combat ready?

The answer is ONE. And that unit is not located in the United States, but permanently deployed to South Korea. If a new crisis arose, our only options would be to take brigades out of Iraq, or send the brigade that comprises Kim Jong Il's sole reason for not marching south.
The party that promises a strong military had unchecked power for six long years. Is this what they had in mind? A military so absurdly overburdened that we are incapable of a swift response? How long will it take to rebuild a strong military?

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