Monday, March 19, 2007

Four Years

The Iraq War turns four today. And I'll be damned if it's not acting its age.

A four-year-old child has no capacity for long term planning. Once it decides on a goal, it can be distracted by something shiny lying on the ground.

A four-year-old child has no problem with walking into someone else's house and making a mess. Why would it? It will walk among the filth for years before cleaning it up.

A four-year-old has no concept of time. You can say "six days, six weeks, I doubt six months" to a four-year-old, and it's all the same. It never questions why a problem that was supposed to be taken care of so briefly is still ongoing four years later. All time runs together.

A four-year-old has no concept of death. It walks through life knowing that people who were once there no longer are, but never really stops to consider why.

A four-year-old has limited problem solving capacity. It has yet to figure out that trying something that didn't work means you should try something different the next time.

A four-year-old is an expensive creature. Whether it's a doctor's appointment, clothes that it has outgrown, or a carpet that needs replacing, there is always some expense incurred by a four-year-old. Only a foolish parent doesn't incorporate those expenses into the family budget.

A four-year-old child wanders through its existence with no sense of direction. One day it wants to be president. The next day, it wants to be a fighter pilot. But don't ask it to plan for something that may be a year down the road. Whatever the circumstances, it has no exit strategy.

But if you think four-year-olds leave a path of destruction... Just wait until they turn five.


PeskyFly said...

Maybe one or two of those things is true of four-year-olds. They'r emore sophisticated and/devious than you give credit.

Freedonian said...

Oh, I think kids of any age can be devious. My nephew was a scant fourteen months old when he learned to create a distraction and steal extra cookies from my sister (He raised a box of Kleenex over his head and threw it into the trash. When my sister retrieved it, he grabbed two extra cookies and ran out of the room).

But I tend to think that kids are relatively unsophisticated. Six days, six weeks? It's all a long time to them. It's the reason they ask "Are we there yet?" on a road trip the minute your house disappears from the rear view mirror.

I think my nephew, who will turn six this year, is just now getting a hold on the whole "Pawpaw is dead" thing. It's only recently that he's quit asking to use my cell phone to call him.

So yes and no. Perhaps I did, but other than the not learning from mistakes thing, I can't really think of anything.

PeskyFly said...

The twins get it all. They get too much. The do have some problems with time and shiny distractions.

Freedonian said...

Your twins have always sounded like bright girls. How are the little angels?

Tman said...

I just asked those grown ups-Japan, Germany, and South Korea-how things worked out for them after they outgrew their formative years. Apparently pretty well, as they rank in the top ten economies of the world.

Oh, and the US still has troops and bases in all three. We musta REALLY screwed up thqt exit plan. I mean seriously, 60 years and we're still there?

Nice Job FDR. Way to go in to a war with no exit plan.

Now you won't have to search for a blog post to find me Freedonian!

PeskyFly said...

Can you just admit that you can't compare 1940's Europe to the Middle East, or do I really need to break out the historical detail takedown machine.

Tman said...


Can you just admit that you can't compare 1940's Europe to the Middle East,

Depends on how you're comparing it. I admit it is different and incomparable on several levels, but there are analogies on other levels.

Fascism either through Nazism or Islamic fundamentalism is similar in their goals in the sense that they want(ed) to obtain them in any way necessary.

Freedonian said...

Fascism either through Nazism or Islamic fundamentalism is similar in their goals in the sense that they want(ed) to obtain them in any way necessary.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Iraq was a secular state. In fact, Saddam had a track record of killing fundamentalists.

There's a bit of a difference between Germany/Japan and Iraq. Namely that the natives actually wanted us in Germany and Japan. They weren't willing to kill their own countrymen just to nail a few of us at the same time.

Not that Condi & Company didn't try to spread a little "Werewolves" fiction to make all this sound acceptable, huh?