Thursday, March 08, 2007

Fox Ford News

Let's not everyone try to act surprised, okay?

But Politico is reporting that Memphis' favorite Democrat-bashing Democrat has signed on to spend his overdue retirement where all other Democrat-bashing Democrats do--- Fox News.

Or, to borrow my favorite headline on the matter so far, "The Whore Turns Another Trick". (Skeptical Brotha)

I can envision him on a Crossfire-type show. Two Democrats pitted against two Republicans to discuss the issues of the day. Of course, the Democrats will be Harold Ford and either Zell Miller or Dick Morris, who is salivating about the Hillary Clinton presidential run because he's only relevant when there's a Clinton involved.


bob said...

Aren't you at least a little bit glad that this S.O.B. isn't speaking for us in the U.S. Senate?

Freedonian said...

A little bit? Man, I jump for joy. At least now when he bashes Democrats, it's not a currently elected Democrat doing it.