Friday, March 16, 2007

How Kind!

I talk about it an awful lot when the Bush White House screws up. So it's only fair that I mention it the few times they actually get something right.

They're really much more considerate than I gave them credit for. As they were planning the politically motivated dismissal of all US attorneys that didn't want to launch partisan investigations designed to throw the 2006 midterms in the Republican Party's favor, they knew that their defenders would proclaim "Clinton did it too!" It's what they always do. It's knee jerk at this point. Apparently, they've decided that the best way to defend the conduct of this White House is to compare it to the White House they've hated most in all of history.

But the Bush team are honest crooks, and actually launched a proactive defense of the Clinton administration.

This was in the email dump they just issued. It's a communication between DOJ Chief of Staff Kyle Sampson and Harriet Miers dated 1/9/06:

In recent memory, during the Reagan and Clinton administrations, Presidents Reagan and Clinton did not [Emphasis in the original email] seek to remove and replace U.S. Attorneys they had appointed whose four-year terms had expired, but instead permitted such U.S. Attorneys to serve indefinitely.

See? How nice of them to undercut their own talking points like that.

(Hat tip to Ana Marie Cox)

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