Friday, March 02, 2007

I Don't Agree With His Choice of Candidate, But...

... Let's not let Merle Haggard be Dixie Chicked.

From Reuters via TPMCafe via KnoxViews Via Brittney (Whew! I don't think I left anyone out that time):

Haggard is also getting attention for a song he's not even released -- "Hillary," an ode to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in which he declares, that "This country needs to be honest/This country needs to be large/Something like a big switch of gender/Let's put a woman in charge."
Perhaps as long as we're adding new verbs to the Lexicon, we can add "Tobying", which translates as "Exhibiting such craven cowardice that you will, for the sake of your career, bash others loudly for sharing the same views as yourself".

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