Friday, March 23, 2007

Number 47 Said to Number 3...

Another day, another jailbound Bush administration official.

J. Steven Griles pled guilty to obstruction of justice today in the Abramoff matter. It was part of a plea bargain from the more serious charges levelled against him when he gave false testimony to the Bureau of Indian Affairs twice on Abramoff's behalf.

As I read CNN's coverage of it, I couldn't help wondering what has become of this nation. Once upon a time, high-ranking government officials had enough of a sense of shame to their misdeeds that they actually bothered to cover up their corruption.

For example: Griles co-owns a vacation house with Sue Ellen Wooldridge who, until January, served as Assistant Attorney General in charge of environment and natural resources. The third partner in the vacation home is Donald R. Duncan, a lobbyist for ConocoPhillips. Nine months after they went in on this $980,000 house, Wooldridge signed an agreement giving ConocoPhillips more time to clean up air pollution surrounding their refineries.

Whatever happened to the good old days? Politicians used to at least hide their corruption.

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