Tuesday, March 06, 2007

See? Conservatives Have Movie Star Friends After All!

The young fellow pictured here next to Herr Coultergeist and Michelle Malkin is is Corporal Matt Sanchez, winner of the Jeane Kirkpatrick Academic Award, an award given out every year at CPAC to a student that embodies conservative values. Which, one would presume, involves shouting Bible verses during science class and complaining that there are too many liberals on the prestigous and lucrative school newspaper.

But not too many people were aware of (Dirty) Sanchez's background in the film industry. Under the name Rod Majors, he starred in such cinematic opuses as "Glory Holes of Fame 3", "Donkey Dick", and "Jawbreaker". (Not linking to anything because frankly, I wouldn't link to straight porn either). From what I'm reading, his adult films had everything--- Except, you know, women.

I'm just eager to find out why Republicans aren't doing what they usually do anytime there's a movie star in their midst--- Kiss ass and form an exploratory comittee.

Who knows... maybe it's because Coulter has such a problem with "faggots".

Hat tip to Right's Field via Kleinheider


LeftWingCracker said...


Say, did Coultergeist get a boob job, they look almost as big as her adam's-apple!

Newscoma said...

Okay, this is of the funny.