Saturday, March 17, 2007

This Is What $206 Million Looks Like...

I saw this article in the LA Times about a Mexican meth bust today. Authorities raided a meth dealer in one of Mexico City's most upscale neighborhoods and 4,500 pounds of genuine American Benjamins.

America's drug habit is a pricy one. This article got me thinking about other expensive things. For example, this amount of money, massive though it may be, would only pay for about eighteen hours of the war in Iraq. We've spent $410 billion there so far. Divide that by 1460, and you realize we're spending $280 million there in every 24 hour period.

The $206 million could have provided exactly 10,000 four year scholarships to state universities. The amount we've spent in Iraq could have funded just under twenty million scholarships.

The $206 million could have funded 3600 additional schoolteachers for a year. The Iraq war could have funded seven million additional schoolteachers for a year.

The $206 million could have provided health insurance for 123,000 children for a year. The Iraq war could have funded health insurance for 245 million children for one year.

The United States government spends a lot of money on a lot of stupid things. But left to our own devices, so do we. If this much money can be found by busting one meth ring, then how much are we throwing away annually to put poison into our own veins?


LeftWingCracker said...

As has been said in other places, the drug war is over, and, clearly, drugs won.

autoegocrat said...

Excellent post.

Freedonian said...

Cracker, I'm not even sure which side we're on anymore.

Thank you, Auto.