Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This Week's Golden Campy - The Nevada Democratic Party

Let us speak plainly here--- Fox News isn't quite as "fair and balanced" as Tara Reid's badly botched boob job. The only way for a Democrat to appear on that channel and not be piled onto by the air staff is to insult his fellow Democrats (We call that "Harolding" around these parts. Such people can also be called "Liebertarians").

So the idea that the Nevada Democratic Party would even consider allowing Fox News to sponsor their debate is about as wise as holding a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in a crack house.

Of course, like a good massage, this story has a happy ending.

John Edwards was the first out of the debate, and it was the smart thing to do. Fox News will spend enough time trying to stick a foot in the ass of every Democratic presidential candidate--- Edwards simply chose not to bend over and make it easy for them.

But only one thing could match the Nevada Democratic Party's sheer insanity when it came to booking this debate--- The reason they officially stated as their reason for severing the ties with Fox News:

Roger Ailes, at a broadcasting dinner, told a joke that bombed so excruciatingly that frankly, he sounded like he belongs on Fox News' "Half Hour Comedy Hour". He said that when President Bush was advised "Obama is on the move", President Bush replied "Why can't we catch him?"

There are two things about that joke that make it noteworthy: 1) The joke was at the expense of President George "Duhbya" Bush, not Barack Obama. 2) He stole the joke in the first place.

The episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Justin Timberlake (Most notable for being the episode that featured the brilliant "Dick In A Box" Digital Short featured the joke during "Weekend Update". In fact, nearly the only difference was that when SNL ran the joke, it was, you know, funny.

So, for piling questionable judgment on top of questionable judgment, I hereby give the coveted Golden Campfield Award to the Nevada Democratic Party.

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