Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This Week's Ivins Award Winner... Sharon Cobb

I usually give this to someone that has made an incredibly snarky or bold comment somewhere along the line. But if Molly Ivins was all about one thing, it was courage in journalism.

The kind of courage that Sharon Cobb showed by recently sharing the story of her own rape at the hands of a schoolteacher and how that drives her to make the world safer for children so that no more lose their childhood to a monster.

I think Molly would have been particularly proud of this one.

We now return to our regularly scheduled snark.


Sharon Cobb said...

Thank you. Molly was a hero of mine growing up in Texas. I deeply appreciate your appreciation.

I also agree with you about which bills are good and which ones aren't.

I want to go on record as being against the death penalty in all cases, and have been an active member of TCASK for years.

Thanks again for your very kind gesture.

I can't wait to get down to West TN and meet you and other bloggers in the area!

Freedonian said...

Sharon, I was honored to do it. I'm glad to see we're on the same page regarding the Jackson bill. What I'm most afraid of is that it's the kind of thing that initially elicits a "hell yeah" kind of response from someone who supports the death penalty--- But the ramifications are quite scary.

I too am a member of TCASK. I had the pleasure of hearing Sister Helen Prejean speak about a year and a half ago (I skipped All Saints Day mass to hear her) and saw Travelling Jesuit speak after mass one day.

Any time you roll into town, let us know--- I'm sure I can round up one hell of a welcoming committee for you.