Monday, March 26, 2007

The Weekend In Brief

I took the weekend off and came back to find all this on the Freedonian Newsdesk:

Anna Nicole Smith died of an accidental drug overdose
And I still care just as little as when I speculated seven weeks ago that it was likely an accidental drug overdose.

It is now suspected that the failed hit on the Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister was an inside job abetter by a bodyguard that allowed himself to be paid off.
This is some of the progress George W. Bush talks about. Back in the old days, the bodyguard would have been killed too.

A ten year Memphis Police Department veteran was just arrested on corruption charges.
Considering that a man with a job that pays $48,000 per year managed to deposit $43,000 in cash (With a strange odor) into the bank per month, built a large house on the golf course, drives a Hummer, a Mercedes, and a Corvette, owns two fast food restaurants and had been suspended for stealing drugs from a suspect, and bullied a desk sergeant into changing a story during an investigation, and no one suspected anything, the Memphis PD proves once again that its biggest problems run from the top down.

An anonymous commenter wished to point out that Director Godwin referred the crooked policeman in question to the FBI's "Tarnished Blue" investigation, and that Godwin has been more diligent than directors past. Fair enough. But considering that he really couldn't be bothered to cover up very well, I still have to wonder why this was not an IAD investigation.

The number of contractors killed in Iraq now stands at 770.
Which gives me a great idea. The only thing the Bush White House seems to like better than Operation Infinite Occupation is giving money to its friends. So let's bring the troops home and let Halliburton pay Blackwater to "Stay the course".

The Army's internal investigation found no "orchestrated" coverup in the death of former NFL star Pat Tillman.
First of all, it's hardly a surprise. Does the military in its present state seem capable of orchestrating anything? If a general even has the capability to organize cleaning up a barrack, George W. Bush tends to run them out.

The secret to the bond between George W. Bush and Rudy Giuliani has now been discovered.
If you look at the drag pictures of him, he looks like Barbara Bush. And Dennis Hastert, really.

How many times were you married, Mrs. Giuliani?
I guess once you reach a certain number, they all tend to run together, much like Jake Ford's arrest record.


Mack said...

I've said this before, but I can't quite get worked up too much over dead contractors. I'm not cold, really, I just think that they were chasing thrills or a paycheck, and knew the risks.

Freedonian said...

I can't either. I don't wish death to anyone, but a Blackwater contractor earns in two days what a soldier earns in a month. I'll mourn the dedicated soldier much more than the mercenary.

Anonymous said...

FYI - the cop was not "just arrested" and the undercover investigation started because the MPD AKA Godwin asked the FBI to go after this guy. If you look at what Godwin has done in the last 2 years he has cleaned house more than any police director in MPD history - cleaned out rogue cops that the former directors turned a blind eye to over and over.

Blinders Off said...

It felt good to get away for the weekend and not read or view the news.

I like your "The Weekend In Brief" post. I hope you do it more often for your readers.

Anonymous said...

Turning it over to MPD's IAB would not have gotten the federal charges (or time) the FBI could draw out using undercover informants - and it also takes the monkey off Godwin's back i.e of the MPD taking care of their own. Smart move IMHO.

Freedonian said...

Thank you, Blinders! I'll definitely do that.

That's certainly true--- Every bit of it.