Friday, March 23, 2007

Where Are the REAL Libertarians?

Abraham Lincoln was fond of asking people "How many legs does a dog have if you call its tail a leg?". Whoever he was talking to would usually say "Five". Lincoln would then say "No. Because calling its tail a leg doesn't make it one."

Reading up on conservative principles on the internet, one would be led to believe that there are only a dozen actual Republicans in this country. The people who back this administration up on its every abuse of power pretend to be Libertarians, in some misguided notion that feigning third party allegiance gives them a credibility that they simply do not deserve.

Do you support the president's warrantless wiretapping? Sorry. You're not a Libertarian. If the government was shrunk to the levels that you claim to support, it wouldn't have the manpower required to listen in.

Do you support gross abuses of power such as the National Security Letter? So much for that "no government intrusion" thing, huh?

Before I started this blog, I ran a political debate forum for about three years. I noticed a pattern there that I notice here--- Every time the Libertarian Party and the Bush White House are at odds with one another, the faux Libertarians side with the White House.

To real Libertarians--- Please quit letting these counterfeits stink up your party. They're giving you a horrible name. Their presence undermines the principles that you've spent thirty-six years building.

To the Faux Libertarians --- Believe me, I understand your shame at having to admit to being Republican. I would be embarrassed too. I would hate to have to admit that "The Decider" was the apex of my political ideology.

But calling yourselves Libertarians when you disagree with the principles? Do you actually need to read the platform sometime? Freedom of communication? Freedom of religion (Which, in turn, means freedom FROM religion and freedom for ALL religions)? How about the right to privacy? How about keeping the government out of the abortion fight?

Frankly, I'm more Libertarian than most of the people claiming to be Libertarian. Unlike them, I make no pretense.

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autoegocrat said...

I know where they are not. There are no liberterians on Half-Bakered or Fishkite or BCR or Instapundit...