Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Winner for Golden Campy for the Week of 3/7/07 IS...

Don Davis from Don's Guns in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This is actually a first--- I've never before had video of the Campfield Award winner, even when it was in its previous incarnation as the Golden Bushie Award.

See, there's irresponsible, and there's irresponsible. It's not enough that Don's shop made the top five when the Department of Justice compiled a list of the top dealers for guns used in crimes. That alone would have been bad enough.

But Don's has a rental department. As long as you have, according to their website, a drivers license proving you're eighteen or above and a $10 bill, you can rent a wide assortment of guns, including Uzis, several AK models, and a 50 caliber gun strong enough to bring down a plane.

Let me state for the record that I vehemently disagree with most conservatives' interpretation of the Second Amendment. They tend to overlook the whole "well regulated militia" clause cleverly hidden at the beginning of the amendment, which already leaves me sorely tempted to walk up to every lardass at a gun show and shout "Drop and give me twenty, you maggot!" Of course, I would probably be shot on sight, so there's a downside.

See, when it comes to illegal surveillance, they believe we should take into account that the Founding Fathers couldn't have anticipated the modern electronic communications we have now. They don't really believe in taking that into account when it comes to a Street Sweeper, though.

But even as much as I think the world would be better off without them, I'm not interested in regulating the kinds of guns that someone could actually conceivably protect their home or their person with. If you need a Street Sweeper to protect your home, then my best advice to you is to grab your kids and get the fuck out of Fallujah.

But it's time for reasonable and sane Republicans out there to join the rest of us in trying to keep the most dangerous killing machines out of the hands of the most dangerous people in America. You can't claim you love your country when you subject its citizens to constant danger.

So we're left with the age old question... What is the price of a human life?

About ten bucks, I guess.

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