Thursday, March 15, 2007

"You Are Healed!" Part II

A while back, I wrote about Ted Haggard allegedly being "cured" of his homosexuality in the course of just a few weeks.

And now comes word that homosexuality may someday be "cured" in utero. The man who advocates this is, of course, not an established scientist, but a Southern Baptist minister.

First, I would imagine he would have to perform a test to see what the sexual orientation of the baby is. I'm a little fuzzy on what this involves, but I would recommend loading a Cher song onto the iPod, placing the headphones against the belly of the pregnant woman, and seeing whether the embryo dances or vomits. On the downside, if he's not gay, then you've tortured the baby for nothing.

And then--- Who really knows? It's all he's developed on this brilliant theory.

One of the greatest problems this nation faces is that rather than accepting individuals for who they are, this cretin and others like him are bound and determined to explain it. They're either biologically doomed to it, they didn't have strong enough of a father figure, or they just like "sinning".

But all this accomplishes is sidestepping the real issue: Why are evangelicals so obsessed with gay sex that they forget all about gay people? Do their Bibles tell them to withhold compassion until they ascertain the sexual orientation of the person in question?

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