Thursday, April 26, 2007

But It Was SUCH A Well-Kept Secret!

The 'Mute strikes again.

I am all for it if someone wishes to remain anonymous in blogging. Everyone's got a theory who Bob at 55-40 is, but no one knows if they're right (Except, presumably, Bob). Being "Dooced" is a very real threat in today's world.

But Wintermute's identity was well known by all. He used to have a picture of himself that popped up as an icon every time he posted (Granted, it looked like it was from the Seventies, but he's still got almost the same mullet). He was anything but camera shy when the bloggers of The 'Cue did a podcast last year. If you click here, you'll see pictures of him, among many others.

And more importantly, he rushes forward to have his moment in the spotlight any time a candidate he backs actually wins something. Whether it's claiming credit for Steve Cohen's victory or Beverly Marrero's victory, he will tell you in a heartbeat just how much he kicks ass. At some point in the conversation, an image of a wolf gnawing off its own leg to get out of a trap may enter your head--- Trust me. It's perfectly normal.

Now, this guy who has never been shy at all about taking credit for someone else's work (If the blogosphere contributed to the Cohen victory, let's put that Stanley Cup in the living room of the guy that we really all coalesced around--- The Blogfather, Steve Steffens) took great umbrage at having been identified in Jackson Baker's article on the District 89 primary between Kevin Gallagher and Jeannie Richardson. I, who have taken no measures at all to be anonymous (One needs only to click on the name I gave myself to see the one my parents gave me), was also identified and quoted in the same article. Jackson is to be commended not only for writing a terrific article, but for pulling some quotable material out of my hazy, "just been woken up after three and a half hours of sleep" brain. It's not an easy thing to do.

Stephen Tapp took such umbrage at having been outed that he took it upon himself to expose the second worst kept secret in the Memphis blogosphere--- That Kibitzer on my favorite blog, The Flypaper Theory, is Jackson Baker. Jackson's friends know it. His adversaries know it (One even named his site "Half-Bakered" as a backhanded compliment).

Now, something that apparently never occurred to 'Mute was to actually click on the name "Kibitzer". It did occur to Sean Braisted. He told us what he found. I went a step further and screencaptured it.

Very clever, Steve.

In fact--- Considering that you've made beating one of the candidates in the District 89 primary your goal in life, and you're angling to position yourself next to the opposition--- How smart is it to try and hurt the best political reporter in the area?

Just asking.
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'Coma said...

Why doesn't this surprise me? Didn't Baker write over at The Fly he called and got permission ahead of time?
I knew Kibs was Baker and I live in Hooterville. It's all over the place.
Grandstanding for what purpose? I don't get that.

Freedonian said...

I don't know that he called and asked for special permission to reveal Tapp's name--- Who even would have thought that was necessary?

Knowing his tendency to grandstand, Tapp is very likely now gloating that everyone knows Kibitzer is Jackson, and pretending it's because of what he wrote.