Thursday, April 26, 2007

Getting the Band Back Together...

In the days leading up to the 2006 primaries, many of us in the progressive blogosphere had a great home away from home called The Cue. It was nice while it lasted, but as often happens when coalitions are formed around one objective, the Cue became less of a priority once those objectives had been met.

Now, we're doing the same thing again--- But rather than just having one objective, we're going to try and establish a more permanent partnership.

Each of us will still retain our own sites and our own aims. but the "Four Families" of the Memphis Liberal Blogosphere are going to once again have a mutual home away from home.

At least some, if not all members of The Flypaper Theory, West Tennessee Liberal, Leftwing Cracker, and yes, the Freedonian family will be pooling our efforts at Memphis Liberal Blogosphere. We will be joined by Bob at 55-40, Jon Carroll (Formerly Memphis Blue) and hopefully, Vibinc, with more to come later.

I hope this will be a great experience for all of us.

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'Coma said...

This is wonderful.