Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kevin Gallagher Event at Fresh Slices, 5PM

Kevin Gallagher will be holding a kickoff reception for his District 89 Campaign this evening at Fresh Slices, 1585 Overton Park (Click here if you need a map).

I will be there to wish my friend well as he embarks on his campaign to represent District 89 in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

The small Gallaghers you see in the picture to the left will be the fourth generation of the Gallagher family to grow up in the Evergreen area. It is absolutely vital that a representative be as intimately familiar with the district as Kevin is. You cannot represent the people if you don't know the people. It is their agenda that you should carry to Nashville and not your own.

His opponent in the Democratic primary is someone that I cannot honestly find a bad thing to say about, other than telling her that some of the company she keeps is absolutely loathesome. I'll leave the angry, irrational invective to another blogger (And believe me, he's got plenty of it).

But I can honestly say that if I was presented with this choice (Sadly, I do not live in District 89), I would look at it this way: We've got two honorable candidates. I don't think there would be a radical difference in their political ideologies. I suspect that much of the legislation they would sponsor would be similar. One has roots in the community that go back for generations. One changed the address on her voter registration the week she pulled the petition. Which one do I trust more to accurately represent the wishes and goals of my community?

Ths choice is clear.

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autoegocrat said...

I need to help Tara with something before she leaves town, so I'm not going to be able to make it. Please keep me updated.