Monday, April 23, 2007

Mainstreaming Ourselves To Death -- by Pam

Pam was having trouble getting logged in, so she asked me to post this on her behalf. - Rick

I will be the first one to shamefully admit that I gave into the mainstream about a year or so ago by creating my own myspace page. Even worst, I got addicted to it and I praised its ability to allow neglectful people like me to stay in touch with long lost friends. G-U-I-L-T-Y.

But, come on now!!! Am I the only one that is disturbed by the thought of having the next POTUS being introduced to the American electorate by being spotlighted on myspace's “cool new people” of the day banner?

Seriously. Give me a f*ing break!! How low can we go?

It was not so long ago when running for the Presidency of the United States required some degree of dignity. Well, until W came in, that is. But, really, did Shrub lower the standards that much? Could you imagine a Truman, or a Lincoln, or a Roosevelt ever getting on myspace? Kennedy... well, maybe, but even that's a stretch...

This is certainly something worth debating in an historical context, apparently. My dear blog partner compared today’s myspace campaign phenomenon to Roosevelt’s fireside chats. A way to reach mainstream America, he reasoned… Well, yeah, but not so much Freed. I don’t think that the fireside chats ever involved belly-bearing pre-adolescents shaking their bon-bons to JT’s sexy comeback, now did them?

Hillary is on the “cool new people” of the day already… What's next? McCain listing “Bomb Iran” as his hobby? Do you really really want to know how Brownback spent his spring-break? Weird Al Yankowitz surely beats Rudy Giuliani’s last campaign ad, now does it?! I can visualize the 2008 dilemma: Geez, I don’t know who to vote for… both Edwards and Obama are on my top 10!! Is so tough!! And... Kucinich so really wants to be my friend!!!

If that is the way is gonna be, then fine, let’s have at it!! But let’s do it right. Screw myspace, I want America to vote on this. The "Survivor" way. All the presidential hopefuls should be dropped on a deserted island, with only whatever it is that they are wearing at the time, and whoever makes it out of there alive gets it: He/she can be the next leader of the free world!! Will the Mormon guy make it out of the island?

No matter who wins --Youtube, congrats: You get the STU 2009 exclusive. Beat that, Gettysburg's address!!!

Furthermore, the next SCOTUS appointment should go down American Idol way. Let America’s mainstream wisdom vote out the best and the brightest legal minds as they see fit. If Sanjaya could not make it, is there any hope for all the Scalias or Thomases out there in the world? Come to think of it, this may be a blessing in disguise…

Finally, I want everybody to be able to vote via text message? Sounds crazy? Well, when was the last time American Idol had a recount? Think about that...

Ok, sarcasm aside, I take the future of this country seriously. We are in deep shit, and the next guy or gal in line has the duty to make this better for all of us. And it is going to be hard and unpleasant because W and his entourage have managed to turn the American dream into an Orwellian nightmare. Given that lovely scenario, I want POTUS candidates to tell me how they are going to fix Social Security, keep the homeland safe, and provide healthcare and education for all the millions of uninsured uneducated children who have been left behind by this Administration... and that's to begin with. I want answers, and I want a plan, and I want accountability. I want him/her to get us out of Iraq. And no, I don’t want to read it about how you are going to do all this on their myspace blog. I want you to make it happen, whether you make it to my top 10, or not.


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