Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Restoring the Constitution??? What a Freaky Concept!

I just wanted to thank my hometown Congressman Steve Cohen.

One of the many blights on the congressional voting record of your festering turd of a predecessor was the Military Commissions Act, aka "The Torture Bill". With that vote, Harold Ford, the Republican Party, and a handful of other Blue Dogs" sent a message to the president. And that message, uncategorically clear, was "Torture is the American way. May I help you waterboard this suspect, Mr. President?"

So it is with great pride that I mention Congressman Cohen's cosponsorship of HR. 1415, also known as the Restoring the Constitution Act, which will again illegalize the unconstitutional behavior allowed under the Military Commissions Act.

If this nation is ever to regain moral high ground, we must reclaim our character as a nation. If we're the good guys in white cowboy hats, and those that oppose us are the villains, then our behavior should be a little less like theirs than it is today.

Most freshman congressman personify the definition of "back bencher". They keep their heads down, learn the ropes, and try to avoid pissing people off, improving their odds of a second term.

Thank you, Congressman Cohen, for being aggressive enough to help the party stare down the president.

Make him blink first, Steve.

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