Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Straight Talk, My Arse.

There is pandering. There is Koolaid drinking. And then there is complete, blithering idiocy on a scale that would make even George W. Bush shudder.

John McCain has been displaying that just recently.

To quote Dennis Miller back from the time years ago that he was actually funny, I don't mean to go off on a rant here... Wait. Yeah. Yeah I do.

John McCain made a mockery of the threats that our soldiers, our contractors, and even our journalists face today. CNN's Michael Ware was not only right to call him out on it--- But that's what needs to happen more often.

All too often, out of fear of being called "liberal", the mainstream media is far too slow to play the "bullshit" card. Any preposterous claim made by this administration or any of its apologists goes completely unchallenged, so complete absurdity is accepted as fact.

I would like to thank the man that's been reporting in Iraq for four years for debunking the myths spread by a man that spent a few minutes on a Baghdad street surrounded by Blackwater operatives.

Give it up, Senator McCain. Not only is it not time for you to be president, but your senate career seems to be well past its expiration date.

For as much as I know it may look like it sometimes, Capitol Hill is no place for fools.

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