Thursday, April 05, 2007

When Reality and Right Wing Rhetoric Collide

How horrible it is that Nancy Pelosi would dare talk to Syria!!! You know, the nation that helped secure the release of the fifteen British soldiers held in Iran for several days.

It is time for conservatives to wake up and smell the new paradigm. Our military is overstretched. I know it. You know it. We all know it. Iran knows it. Syria knows it. Britain knows it.

So the days when George W. Bush could do some braindead saber-rattling to try to create the world in his vision are gone. He has nothing to threaten anyone with. What does he possibly have to hold over anyone's head to bend them to his iron will? Shall he threaten to hold his breath until he turns blue in the face?

He can't send American troops to another nation without pulling them out of Iraq at this point--- Something he has demonstrated over and over that he's not even willing to discuss.

If America is to exert any influence on the world at large, that influence must bypass the Oval Office. Through bad foreign policy that has led to him not being taken seriously throughout the rest of the world and bad domestic policy that got the rubber stamp Republicans thrown out of Congress, George W. Bush has been neutered.

Thank goodness the Democratic congressional delegation is willing to take up the slack. Despite the last six years and three months of deplorable leadership, America still has much positive to offer the world through the proper use of soft power. Be grateful that someone out there is willing to spread that influence.


Tman said...

Yes! Wonderful! Peace in our time!

Let's negotiate with a regime that assasinated the PM of Lebanon! What a great idea!

I'm sure Assad is good at his word! Why would he lie? I mean, it's not like he supports terrorists or anythi- oh, wait, he does? Hm.

That is a pickle.

Look over there everyone ! Puppies!

Tman said...

Hmm, I wonder what the Reform Party of Syria feels about Pelosi's visit-

-- US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi will be visiting Syria shortly to meet with Baschar al-Assad, the self-imposed president of Syria. While RPS is always amiable to dialogue, we believe that dialogue with violent dictators harboring terrorists sends the wrong signal about the US commitment to freedom; especially when dialogue has been tried on many occasions with no results to speak of.

Ms. Pelosi is visiting Syria because of the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group. Other high level visits by other senior diplomats including Secretary Colin Powell in 2003 have resulted in Assad fomenting more violence against the Syrian, the Lebanese, and the Iraqi people and not less. We believe that Congresswoman Pelosi's visit will also yield less results and more violence because some US Officials mistake dialogue with violent dictators as a productive tool of diplomacy while the violent dictators like Assad, who adhere to no laws, perceive dialogue with western appeasers as a weakness to be exploited.

We also oppose the visit of Congresswoman Pelosi because it will have a chilling effect on the reformists inside Syria who have spared no risk in advancing the cause of human rights, freedom, and democracy. People like Dr. Kamal Labwani, who is languishing in solitary confinement because he expressed his peaceful views openly and Dr. Aref Dalilah who is serving a 10-year sentence for condemning corruption in the Syrian government. Congresswoman Pelosi's visit rubber stamps oppression against 20 million Syrians who live under an Assad Apartheid system. RPS expects Assad to become even bolder after the Pelosi visit by commuting harsh sentences against dissidents as a sign of victory.

More importantly, Pelosi's visit will be interpreted by the Lebanese people as acquiescing to Assad's demands when it comes to their freedom. It also sends the signal that killing Lebanese politicians can go unpunished as senior US officials keep visiting Assad instead of supporting the investigation of his violent deeds as a sign to all dictators than no one should be above the law.

RPS applauds the White House and the US State Department for their steadfast opposition to dialogue with Assad before real reforms are introduced to open the Syrian society to a system of democracy under the rule of law.

Freedonian said...

From your own rant:

"Ms. Pelosi is visiting Syria because of the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group."

Gee... Listen to American experts... Or Syrians with political aspirations.

Such a tough call!

Tman said...

You consider the Iraq Study Group "the experts" over Syrians themselves?

No wonder you're so confused.

Freedonian said...

I am willing to listen to the ISG. You are too, when it suits your purposes. Unfortunately for you, ISG didn't attempt to boil the intricacies of foreign policy into some jingoistic drivel that could fit into a fortune cookie.

Tman said...

Wow, what a great argument!

Freedonian paraphrased-

"I'm right, your stupid!"

How could I ever have doubted our genius?

Freedonian said...

You have horse shit and catchphrases. They have qualifications and years of experience.

You are part of a party so suspicious of intellect that if the space shuttle landed at your convention, the delegates would beat it with sticks and poke it with pitchforks. But really, you must let the people that know what the fuck they're doing take the wheel once in a while.

Tman said...

Yet more great arguments!

Freedonian paraphrased again-

"You're like, really really stupid!"

You are a joke freedonian. The ISG was wrong on several levels, and I'm not the only person who has said this. Others who have vastly more experience in this field than either you or I have stated that negotiations with either Syria or Iran are fruitless endeavors.

Keep insluting me if it makes you feel better, but it doesn't change the fact that you don't really have any facts or evidence to support your arguments, thus why you resort to childish insults.

I liked the space shuttle one though, that was funny.

Oh, and by the way, I'm not a republican.

Freedonian said...

Others who have vastly more experience in this field than either you or I have stated that negotiations with either Syria or Iran are fruitless endeavors.

And they share two things in common.

1. They harbor a delusion that we have the military might to take on the whole world.
2. They care more about representing an ideology than they care about actually looking at a problem and solving it.

The ISG was not perfect, by any stretch--- But it's better than dogma.

Oh, and by the way, I'm not a republican.

I've noticed that about all the conservatives I talk to on the internet. None of them admit to being Republican--- They just happen to agree with them all the time.

I've talked to so-called "Libertarians" that support the president on wiretapping--- Something about as un-Libertarian as you can get. In fact, any time I'm talking to someone who claims to be a Libertarian and I bring up a point where the Libertarian platform is at odds with the GOP's, they always go GOP.

Maybe you aren't a Republican. I'm just always a little suspicious when I hear that.