Monday, May 14, 2007

The DLC's "Conversation With America"

The Democratic Leadership Council, the group just barely keeping the "blue" in "blue dog", has announced that it will hold their "National Conversation" in Nashville this July.

DLC founder Al From, Governor Phil Bredesen, and current DLC Chairman Harold Ford Jr. announced today that the event will be held July 28-30 at Nashville's Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Announcing the event at the Gaylord marks the first time Harold Ford Jr. has used the word "gay" without spewing out a right wing talking point or issuing a denial of some sort.

Among the seminars we can expect at the DLC conference are "Getting Our Asses Kicked In 2002 Wasn't So Bad", "Fox News Still Loves Us", "Exxon's Money Spends Too", "How To Spin Your Continued Support of the War In Iraq", "Learning To Love Alito", and last but not least, the longtime DLC favorite "I'm Not a Republican, But I Play One on TV".

Now, I don't mean to go off on a rant here--- Wait--- Yes I do.

The DLC and its new chairman serve quite effectively as the poster children for everything that's wrong with the Democratic Party today. Their consistent triangulation on the issues has served as a proven momentum-killer for any kind of progressive movement in America. And no one has personified that better than their current chairman.

The most dangerous patch of real estate in America today is not some dangerous ghetto, or some highly polluted spot--- It's the real estate between Harold Ford Jr. and a Fox News camera. It would be one thing if he went out there and stated a case for Democratic ideals--- But he does not. He goes out there and disavows progressive ideals every chance he gets.

And that, in a nutshell, is the purpose of the DLC. It's no coincidence that the very people that fund the Republican party also fund the DLC. The goal of the Bradley Foundation, the oil companies, and the military contractors is not a system of bipartisan compromise. Their goal is the eradication of progressive ideals.

They can't do that without our help. This is a castle that they cannot storm without someone lowering the drawbridge from the inside, and that's where the DLC comes into play. They do from within what conservatives cannot do from the outside.

When it looked like an anti-war candidate might win the 2004 Democratic nomination for president, what happened? The DLC attacked him for it. The DLC didn't just support going to Iraq--- It was so passionate about it that they felt comfortable questioning the patriotism of Michael Moore for disagreeing with them (That sounds kind of Republican, doesn't it?).

The DLC's constant capitulation to the right has been an assault not only on our ideals, but has created much of the apathy that Democratic activists face today.

The sooner this cabal of right wing interests is discredited, the stronger the Democratic Party will be.


LeftWingCracker said...

Now, THAT'S the way to give them the pimp-slapping they deserve..

Mack said...

It's one thing to believe the path to the White House is the middle of the road, sometimes, moderation should rule the day. Not every day, and not using a map provided by your political opponents. I think these guys still think they "created" Bill Clinton.