Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Importance of Being a Concern Troll

If you’re a liberal who has ever disagreed with a Democrat on Daily Kos, you’ve been called a name. I know I personally had this one slung at me many times for daring to disagree with our nominally “blue” former Congressman Harold Ford Jr., who since 2002 has voted with the Democrats about as often as Bea Arthur gets offered nude modeling opportunities.

The phrase is “concern troll”. My good friend Autoegocrat based an article on it after tirelessly using his trusted user status at Kos to take the branding off of myself and others who dared ask then-Congressman Ford to practice what he preached and support Democratic nominees for office.

It’s an easy thing for the mindless to say. It sure beats having to come up with a response if your mental faculties are so dull that you’ve reduced American politics to the level of a game of “Halo 2” where red is red, blue is blue, and you take great care not to frag your own.

But American politics are just not that simple.

Thanks to an email sent to me last night by Blogfather Cracker, I saw this piece on Americablog: BREAKING: Conservative Dems expected to vote with GOP to give Bush unfettered blank check on Iraq tomorrow.

If there has ever been a time to extol the virtues of fragging those wearing the same color as you, this is it.

Being a Democrat isn’t about how snazzy you look in a blue shirt. It’s supposed to be something ideological. People should be able to expect a core set of values when they see the (D) next to your name. And since the (R), with very few exceptions, has come to symbolize irresponsibility and irrationality when faced with the most grave decisions a lawmaker can face, it’s handy to know that the (D) stands for something else. Think of it as branding for Election Day--- Considering that two thirds of the American public wants the war to end, like, two years ago, it’s helpful for them to know that there’s a party that doesn’t think “Stay the course” actually qualifies as a plan.

The Republicans on Capitol Hill are busy bloviating on how they’re laying down the law” with President Bush, whose sole Iraq strategy seems to be “How can I keep this thing going on long enough for the next guy to get blamed?” In the meantime, they’re devoting their time on the floor to… Helping him keep this thing rolling right along long enough for the next guy to get blamed (One of the few areas where they are realistic is that they know the next occupant of the White House will not come from their side of the fence).

And now, word is breaking from Washington DC that conservative Democrats, the spineless, panty-waisted, indecisive nattering twits that lack the testicular fortitude to step away from Mr. 38% Approval have decided to help them.

Wait until the vote comes down. Look at the names of those who vote with the Republicans on this. If your congressman is among them, start looking for someone else to back in the next congressional primary. Because anyone who votes with the president’s refusal to bring this thing to the merciful end that it needs deserves to have the blue shirts ripped from their backs. I do not care if that primary opponent is a mangy, three-legged Dachsund named Mr. Sphincter--- Dogs are more loyal than conservative Democrats anyway.

I’m looking at you, Blue Dogs.


Kat Coble said...

Those of us on the conservative side of things have been fighting this battle for a few months now.

Unfortunately it seems there are always going to be people who don't realise that politics is NOT a team sport.

Freedonian said...

Oh, I bet, Kat. It's not exactly a new battleground for us either, but it renews every time the Snivelcrats decide to make their presence known.

b said...

Excellent stuff, Free.

If the Democratic Party was a bus full of people, the "concern troll" would be that guy that is sitting in the first seat on the passenger side of the aisle who sees the train coming from behind some trees and starts screaming, "TRAIN!".

All the other passengers who can't see the train through the trees from their start yelling at the CT to shut up because they're ruining the bus ride for everyone and distracting the driver from the business of driving responsibly.

Sure, the CT looks crazy but if he lives through the ensuing crash, he winds up dragging survivors from the wreckage, survivors who are murmuring to him, "We should have listened. You said you saw a train and we didn't listen."

Then you have bastardly survivors like James Carville who try to blame the train on the CT. But that's a whole 'nother allegory (or metaphor or whatever.)

Freedonian said...

B, I don't think I've ever seen the conflict defined any better than you just did it. Thank you, brother.