Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kevin Gallagher Fundraiser

Tennessee House District 89 candidate Kevin Gallagher held a fundraiser yesterday at Fresh Slice on Overton Park.

“It vastly exceeded expectations,” Gallagher said.

The event drew over 100 people. Shelby County Commissioner James Harvey was in attendance, as was former Shelby County Commissioner Linda Rendtorff. Former Shelby County Democratic Party Chairman Matt Kuhn attended, as did current Vice Chair Desi Franklin.

Much of the team that aided Gallagher in sending Steve Cohen to the US House of Representatives was in attendance as well, including Cohen Field Director/ impending Hillary Clinton Iowa team staffer Liz Rincon, former University of Memphis College Democrats President John Marek, several representatives of the current U of M College Democrats, and blogger Steve Steffens.

“I am heartened not only by the quantity but the quality of people that turned out,” Gallagher said.


bob said...

You have deleted or omitted the code that produces a date for the post. Perhaps that is intentional?

PeskyFly said...

Where the hell are you Ricky?