Saturday, May 19, 2007

"Living With MS" Blog Relaunched

Sometimes, good things happen and I don't notice them immediately.

Several months back, all of us on the Memphis scene were sad to note that a lady who had been great to all of us had quit blogging when Blinders Off felt that she was unable to continue her "Living With MS" blog. Those of us that have had to see Multiple Sclerosis in action certainly understood, though.

Well I'm glad to point out to anyone that has had their head up their own arse similarly to mine that she has indeed now relaunched as of two weeks ago today.

We're glad to have your voice back on the scene, Blinders!


Blinders Off said...

Thanks Freedonian for announcing I am back to blogging. I am not as good of a writer like you guys my mind is not as sharp and my thoughts get rambled at times, but I think intelligent readers will understand my wires get cross sometimes because of MS.

Blogging helps keep me mentally strong and I have people in the MS community who miss the resource information. When I stopped blogging I mistakenly deleted my posts to help family members and patients who are newly diagnosed with MS go directly to resourceful websites. I have to start back over…Thanks for stopping by.

'Coma said...

Blinders off,
I came to your blog several weeks ago and saw that you were on hiatus. I'm glad your back.
Headed over there now.

Blinders Off said...

Thanks Coma, your new look is FANTASTIC and I didn't know you were a HERO fan like moi