Friday, May 04, 2007


A certain person who shall remain nameless has been trying to drum up support for Jeannie Richardson in the District 89 Democratic Primary by telling anyone who sits still for too long that Congressman Steve Cohen didn't even want Kevin Gallagher running for office.

A stroll down Cohen's street shows you just how much the word of this individual can be trusted. These are pictures of Congressman Cohen's house.

The people of District 89 deserve better than this. The choice of who represents them in the House of Representatives should be based on facts and issues--- Not on the false word of a bullshit artist.

This particular person has motives that have absolutely nothing to do with getting the best representation for District 89. He's simply trying to remain relevant within the Democratic Party--- He decided decades ago that the best thing he could do is hitch up to the Ford Family train, and I suppose it never occurred to him that it might derail at some point. Now, he's like a shipwreck survivor--- Just looking for something to hang onto so he can keep his head above water.


Anonymous said...

If you knew the lying, two faced Kevin Gallagher like I know him, you would not support him either. He is a back-stabbing, no conscience little prick.

Jeanne Richardson is a compassionate, well educated, intelligent and immensely well qualified candidate to represent the citizens of District 89. She doesn't NEED this job. She wants to SERVE the people of this district like all of the women who SERVED this district before her.

autoegocrat said...

I didn't realize you allowed anonymous comments.

I knew that the stakes in this race were higher than the actual value of the District 89 seat, but it's still surprising how quickly this turned ugly.

What ever happened with that debate idea? I'd rather see the candidates slug it out amongst themselves then watch the war of the surrogates escalate into a fiery conflagration.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Gallagher has stated he will participate in a forum at any time and any place. Unfortunately, Ms. Richardson was going to be "out of town" the proposed night space was available at the Central Library.

My understanding is that two other forum dates have been offered to Ms. Richardson via a "certain person who shall remain nameless."

While Ms. Richardson may be everything 1:37 PM states, if she wants to SERVE the people of this district, she needs to start with making herself available for questions by voters at a forum.

To my knowledge neither Ms. Richardson nor that "certain person who shall remain nameless" (with initials DU) has confirmed a date she CAN or WILL participate in a Forum.

Jim Maynard said...
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Jim Maynard said...

Kevin Gallagher and Jeanne Richardson have agreed to particpate in a forum sponsored by the MEMPHIS STONEWALL DEMOCRATS, Sunday May 20, 2 PM at the Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center (892 S. Cooper).

Jim Maynard, President
Memphis Stonewall Democrats

'Coma said...

Is there going to be a throwdown in Memphis?
I'm just wondering.