Thursday, May 10, 2007

Oh Mickey you are so fine!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this story.

The short of it: Hamas tried to use a Mickey Mouse identical looking cartoon to promote anti-Israel and anti-American propaganda to their children…

All judgment aside, I just wonder one thing: Where is the logic in promoting Anti-American message by plagiarizing an American Icon (Mickey freaking Mouse no less)?

I mean, isn’t that somewhat inherently self-defeating and oxymoronic?

Surely they must have someone semi-creative enough to do a more, uh, let’s say “culturally appropriate” cartoon to fit the message, wouldn’t ya think?

Hamas's got some firings to do in their marketing department…seriously!

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mike said...

Hamas has been doing this for years. The idea is to take ubiquitous marketing icons with no specific political message (Mickey, Ronald McDonald, Barney, etc.) and teach children to identify specific political messages with them so, when the chidlren encounter these icons in the public world they will have the political message echoing in the minds, and thus being re-inforced.

FOX13 had a story a few years ago, on a Saturday night newscast, that showed extended segments of children being exposed to these subversive messages. Les Smith was anchoring that night. Pretty disturbing to watch Ronald McDonald saying "Death to Zionists!"