Friday, June 15, 2007

For You, Genital!

There’s a blogger out there I won’t name. For the sake of this post, I’ll call him “Jesuit Genital”.

Jesuit Genital is a funny guy. Not quite as funny as he thinks, but hey, what good liberal can’t hear about trying to recruit College Republicans to fight in a war they think is so glamorous and not chuckle a little bit?

But Genital proved recently that he should perhaps leave the intellectual heavy lifting to others.

It seems that last week, as he perused the web looking for something to whine about, he stumbled onto Nashville Is Talking.

For those not familiar with it, Nashville Is Talking is an aggregator/ blog hybrid. The sidebar represents feeds from most of the blogs in the state, and the body of the site is (Or was) the lovely Brittney Gilbert calling our attentions to articles she believed we should read for one reason or another.

And there was a post there that was offensive. It was not Brittney’s original content. It was vomited onto the internet by a tool calling himself Smantix. Brittney reposted it without a comment which, to morons unfamiliar with sites that try to represent both sides of the issue, might have looked something like an endorsement. It wouldn’t have been terribly difficult to actually look at the rest of the articles on the page and see what was actually going on.

Still, Genital felt no need to do such a thing. His stock in trade is whining. Nothing to complain about = Nothing to write about.

So he fired up his loyal gang of sycophants, and they rushed over to verbally harass Brittney.

Here’s a small taste of what she had to endure at their hands:

• “You are a liar.”
• “…you are so f*cking retarded…”
• “Just wanted to let you know. I’ve copied this post and forwarded it to your advertisers with a few comments. Perhaps you will receive a lesson of your own.”
• “I’m writing to the station director and every advertiser can find - mocking the tragic death of a young man is inexcusable. And in this particular case, viciously racist as well…Brittney should be fired.”
• “If Brittney truly aspires to be a “journalist”, she should consider employment at FOX or possibly try to get a job interning with Coulter, Limbaugh or O’Reilly. There she will learn how to get away with saying hateful things all by herself (instead of recycling someone else’s screed) and then deny their meaning and intent.”

Um… Assholes? Allow me to explain something to you.

I am a liberal blogger in Tennessee. For every one of us, there are three guys on the other side of the fence talking about how the war in Iraq was a swell idea, how liberals should be rounded up into camps, and how everyone should have a tripod-mounted .50 caliber machine gun in the yard to protect their garden flamingos with. Our governor is a Democrat, but he only wins because he’s more conservative than Schwarzenegger and Giuliani and the Republicans have, in the last two cycles, managed to run Republicans so bugshit crazy that even Republicans can’t get behind them.

But there was one place where we could go and be represented on a level playing field, and that was Nashville Is Talking. She made sure that liberal AND conservative ideologies were well represented. She promoted US.

Furthermore, had just one of you mouthbreathers actually bothered to read so much as a single piece she commented on, you would have learned something.

You attacked another liberal, you jackasses. Conservatives whined about her constantly. They, much like you lot of whining pusbags, managed to get the vapors just by looking at her words on the screen.

Congratulations. You have followed in the liberal tradition of eating your own.

Oh, by the way, assclowns--- Although she’s certainly nice, and I have nothing bad to say about her--- Brittney’s replacement doesn’t exactly hail from our side of the fence. And the site reflects that now.

In the future, before you start whining, I would recommend you crack open a twelve ounce can of STFU, drink it down, and actually have a look at what’s going on on the site before humiliating yourselves again.

Guinness-tastically yours,
The Freedonian


Kat Coble said...

FWIW, I may be a libertarian, but I'm doing my level best to keep the NiT playing field as level as possible. ;-p

Chris Thomas said...

Of the last 10 governors of TN and mayors of Nashville, how many have been Democrats?

Freedonian said...

Kat, I have no doubt. I mentioned it not to disparage you, but to demonstrate to these idiots that it was a liberal they were targeting.

Chris, metro areas tend to tilt Democratic. Of course, Democrats are a different breed in TN. Harold Ford Jr. and Phil Bredesen are considered Democrats here.

Let's look at your question another way--- How many of those TN governors actually stood somewhere to the left of Arnold Schwarzenegger ideologically?

Sean Braisted said...


Freedonian said Liberal blogger, not Democratic blogger...there is a subtle difference.

As per the post Freedonian, ditto...although I do think Kleinheider is pretty neutral in terms of his coverage, even if his comments lean somewhere other than liberal.

Kat Coble said...

I mentioned it not to disparage you, but to demonstrate to these idiots that it was a liberal they were targeting.

And that's exactly how I took it. ;-p No worries!

Joe Powell said...

The Jesus Genital (and really, the only other faux-pundits I know who claims to be a Spokesmout of Divine Selection are conservative shills).

The JG aid kunckle-dragging army of toady-boys all know that Irony and Sarcasm are the tools of Anti-Americans. (Their definition of Irony means "something with Iron in it") and Sarcasm (is a wide abyss between solid land masses.

'Coma said...

Your pal,

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