Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Road To One America...

...stopped in Memphis last night. Kibitzer, Autoegocrat, David Holt, Vibinc, Blogfather Cracker, Jon Carroll, and of course, the lovely Pam and I were all on hand.

In a departure from his usual stump speech, Edwards addressed the crowded house at the MIFA Thrift Store on Vance about the need to eliminate poverty once and for all.

Here, we walk in the steps of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and his work is not finished," he said, invoking the famous "Poor People's Campaign" in the poorest ZIP code in the city, an area with a median income of about $10,000 per year.

"We are still confronted with a huge moral issue in this country," he told the 500 on hand. "It is not okay in the richest nation on the planet to have 37 million people who work every single day that have to worry about feeding and clothing their children. We're better than that. America is better than that."

You can view photos from the event by clicking here.

***Special Mega-hat tip to Jackson Baker, who came to the rescue with his audio of the speech when my voice recorder failed on me last night.


Vibinc, who recorded last night's event on a high definition camcorder, has posted the YouTube video.


vibinc said...

Video is finally available here in 5 easy to digest parts.

'Coma said...

I'm moving to damn Memphis. You guys are so cool.

vibinc said...

You know, it almost doesn't make sense to shoot anything in HD for YouTube. Once they get done with it, it looks like crap compared to the original footage anyway.